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Who is Elvin mims?

Elvin Mims is a current Power Forward (#4) for the NBLC's London Lightning. Born Dec 23rd,1979 Elvin is currently the teams most seasoned veteran and looking forward to continued success both on & off the basketball court. Elvin has enjoyed over a decade of playing basketball at highly competitive levels and all over the world,including Australia,Iceland ,US & Canada.
Mims was born in Century, Florida, in fact Florida is also where he started his basketball career while playing for the Northwest Florida State College, before his talent was recognized at a higher level, and he was scouted to Southern Miss. University in 2000. Moving on  to a professional league in 2002 for the Yakima Sun Kings and as they say, the rest is history.
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More then basketball?
​Q: If you were not a professional athlete with the considerable good fortune to play all these years, do you think you would still play basketball even for fun?
A: Without question, Id get home from a 9-5, take off the suit and hit the court. I got into the sport because I love it.

Q: What do you see yourself doing when its finally time to hang up the sneakers?
A: Coaching, I would absolutely love to coach,pass on the knowledge I was lucky to obtain all these years to younger generations and help them find their place on the court like I did.

Q: Anything else that interests you even half as much as basketball?
​​A: Id say my custom built 88 Caprice,very proud of what I have been able to accomplish.